Infrastructure: IP vs. OSD

When you think of infrastructure, you think of bridges, roads, and buildings. A few cities are trying to revolutionize infrastructure by planning the city based around renewable energies and other sustainable practices. Masdar City in the UAE is one of these cities and they have built the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology with the help of MIT.

While the city seems to be a great idea, it is not open source. Additionally, the government plans this city based on what are some of the most current and up and coming technologies; however, this fails to allow for incorporating future innovations. A government planned city seems good and may be for the time being. However, it seems like there may be many unintended future consequences for a city that is so rigidly designed with the technology of today.


Open source infrastructure is needed in society. The United States has some of the oldest bridges that will be reaching the end of their expected life-times in the near future. This poses a great challenge, both economically and in terms of creating new designs. To overcome this problem and come up with more sustainable designs for the future, US companies should consider an open source platform to “crowd fund” ideas in a sense. The way to more sustainable infrastructure is through getting many ideas and being able to cherry pick the best parts to create the best product.



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