Communication: IP vs. OSD

Communication is based around the sharing of knowledge. What better way is there to share knowledge than on an open source platform?

First we had ICT (something communication devices), then we had IOT (Internet of Things), and now we have Big Data. All of this is centered around knowledge information. And communication is all about how knowledge is brought together.

Now communication even goes from machine to machine instead of person to person. This is why net neutrality is such an important policy issue. It is argued that it could be dangerous for one company to control a larger amount of bandwidth than the others.

Much of our day to day communication happens over smart phones. Our data, photos, etc. on our smart phones are often shared in the Cloud. But how safe is the Cloud? Because of how it is designed, it has multiple back up systems and is highly unlikely to fail. However, this system uses massive amounts of energy and we will likely need to find a more sustainable solution in the future.

For our class project of building a food computer, we will need to be communicating outside of class. We have already started a Google doc where any member of the class can edit it. This is a form of open source communication because anyone can edit the product, make a comment, resolve a comment, and overall easily communicate through this platform. Flashback to the days when you were creating a group Powerpoint and you had to email everyone the Powerpoint, have them put in their part, and email it back to you so you could compile the final product. Google Slides has solved that problem for us.

Our project is going to be great, but incredibly Iceland used Google Docs to rewrite their constitution in 2012. This communication platform allows you to remotely work on projects while easily collaborating and communicating with your group mates.

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Google Docs Video:


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